Intake, advice, start of treatment and completion of treatment

You can register with us using a referral letter from your doctor or general practitioner (GP). If you already have the referral letter, you can email it to You can also discuss or pre-discuss your registration with us via telephone number + 31 6 39 29 43 56. Your GP can refer you via ‘Zorgdomein’ by sending the referral letter digitally. We accept referrals to both generalist (BGGZ) and specialist GGZ (SGGZ) health care. After we have received your referral letter, we will contact you by telephone within usually five to ten working days to briefly ask a number of additional questions in order to estimate roughly whether the referral to us is fitting. This telephone conversation is free of charge. If we have the impression that your need for help and our offer can be coordinated and that we still have space in our practice, we will invite you for a face-to-face intake interview. This intake interview serves to get a better picture of your background, complaints and request for help. After completion of the intake phase, we will make a treatment proposal.

We offer both complaint-oriented and person-oriented therapy. In practice, this means that in the intake phase we explore with you to what extent you have had previous treatments and what the duration, severity and complexity of your complaints are. Sometimes complaints arise due to a sudden change in your life that disrupts your balance. In this case, a complaint-oriented treatment will usually be a good fit. However, it may also be the case that patterns emerge from the intake phase that seem to repeat themselves over and over in your life and that cause your complaints to persist. It is then likely that your complaints are related to deeper, anchored images you have of yourself and of (relations with) others. In this case, person- oriented treatment will be advised. If you agree with the advice and treatment proposal given, we will make a treatment plan with you to give direction to the therapy. After starting the treatment, there will always be room to evaluate the plan made and to adjust it if necessary. The treatment is completed in consultation and after evaluation.

Treatment sessions usually last 45 minutes to an hour and take place weekly or once every two weeks. We consider everything you share in the conversations with us as confidential information. We are obliged to ask for your permission during peer consultation. Only in very exceptional situations, for example when you pose a danger to yourself, your partner, child(ren) and/or others, are we legally obliged to report this.

Problems that we do not treat in our practice

We are happy to provide responsible care. We therefore find it important to be transparent about the types of problems that we cannot treat and/or that provide an insufficiently workable basis for therapy in our practice. In line with this, we use the exclusion criteria below.