About Us

SK Therapeuten consists of a collaboration between Sinem Turan and Kevser Gün. After having worked together in regular (intercultural) outpatient mental health care for some time, we have decided to continue our work in our own practice.


Sinem Turan

Psychologist NIP & Coach     |     AGB code: 94111416

I was born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden and come from a family of medical professionals. Themes such as health and patient care have therefore always been important topics, which is why I also started my own journey within the medical world. I switched to psychology after studying medicine for two years and since then I have never looked back. I am now a dedicated psychologist with a master's degree in Clinical Psychology from the University of Amsterdam and have worked for many years in an intercultural mental health institution. I am therefore specialized in intercultural therapy (18+) and during my career I have enjoyed treating clients from all over the world.

I have extensive experience in treating depressive and anxiety complaints, trauma and personality problems. I offer treatments in Swedish, English, Turkish and Dutch. My preference goes out to English and Swedish. My strength lies in the application of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Schema Therapy (ST) and EMDR. I offer clients tools and techniques to (re)find their balance by recognizing the underlying causes of feelings, thoughts, and behaviors. During a treatment or coaching program I like to explore possibilities with my client for an improvement in daily functioning and I pay attention to topics such as self-management, personal wishes and relationships. Using the process of diagnosis, advice, treatment and evaluation, I like to help clients achieve their personal goals. I do this by recognizing obstacles together and looking for ways to break through their own patterns. I offer support, but also like to motivate clients to challenge themselves, because I believe this is essential for personal growth. I have experience in collaborating with other healthcare professionals and, if necessary, I like to involve them in an ongoing treatment.

“The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of those depths.”

------ Elisabeth Kubler Ross


Kevser Gün

Psychotherapist     |     AGB code: 94106417

In 2011, I graduated in clinical psychology at Leiden University. In the same year I started working at a large intercultural mental health care institution in Amsterdam. There I have become acquainted with different types of complaints in the field of, among other things, depression, anxiety and relationship patterns. I have gained experience in the field of diagnostics, indication and treatment, as well as providing treatment in different languages ​​(Dutch, Turkish and English). After a few years I noticed that I was developing more interest in the familial and relational context in which complaints are experienced. As an extension of this, I therefore decided to follow a postgraduate training as a systemic therapist (2014-2016) in addition to my work. After graduating, I then followed a postgraduate training to become a psychotherapist (2016-2020) to further deepen my knowledge about the relationship between inner dynamics, personality characteristics and the experience of complaints. Through the experience and knowledge I have gained so far, I have developed a solid foundation in shaping treatments based on the unique experience of each individual client.

I get the satisfaction from my profession on the one hand by exploring your unique experience and background and on the other by offering tailor-made therapy. I often do the latter by combining elements of different forms of treatment based on your complaints and wishes, but also based on the treatment phase. My background in both systemic therapy and psychotherapy is helpful in this process. For me, customized therapy means, regardless of the form of treatment, staying engaged with you regarding the treatment collaboration in order to make adjustments if necessary. I therefore do not see therapy in terms of just supply and demand, but as a path we choose to walk together.